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Growing medical marijuana

Powdery Mildew on Marijuana

Powdery mildew is very common on pot, marijuana, or cannabis plants. It first appears as white splotches on your leaves, but will spread to the buds and ruin your entire harvest if you don’t take care of it immediately. After you see leaves like this, it is imperative to solve the problem, because you are on the verge of having all your buds covered in powdery mildew.  It is most common on shaded areas of the plant. It is most commonly brought into the garden through buying clones at dispensaries that are infected with the spores. Make sure to quarantine new clones to make sure they don’t have any spider mites or powdery mildew. Make sure your grow room has a low humidity, and the temperatures are in the right range. If it gets cool at night when the lights are off, and the humidity rises, you will get powdery mildew. Keeping this disease out of your garden starts with proactively spraying all your plants with neem oil, or other organic treatments. You can also use beneficial bacterias sold in hydroponic stores. The best one is called Serenade. Remove any infected leaves as soon as you find them. Remove dead leaves from the garden, and never allow them to accumulate on the floor.

white spots leaves

When to harvest buds

It doesn’t matter if you are in indoor grower or an outdoor grower. One of the most important parts of growing high quality medical marijuana is knowing when to harvest. As the pot plant grows and matures, the THC crystals grow in size, change in shape, and turn from a clear color to cloudy, and eventually golden amber. The ideal harvesting time is somewhere between these stages, before all of the trichromes have turned completely amber. By that point the pot has degraded, and won’t be as potent as it would be if harvested when the buds crystals have turned from clear to a nice milky cloud color.

Most strains take 60 days to reach maturity indoors, outdoors plants reach maturity at different times depending on what part of the world you live in. Some areas require a heated greenhouse to reach the harvest date because of freezing temperatures. A loupe or 25x power microscope will be handy for telling when to harvest. Look for your buds to look like this picture a few days before harvest time.

For more information on growing high quality pot, check out our friends at the 420 Kind Zone. They have a lot of really great links and resources to help you grow all the marijuana you can smoke!

know when to harvest pot by the crystal color

How to Grow Purple Buds

You’ve all seen the pictures. The resinous, glossening cover shots of high times that show giant buds of strains like GDP, F-13, Flo, and Grape Ape. Now you want to figure out how you can produce these high quality buds you see in the magazines. Here are my tips for producing purple buds…

1. Get the right genetics. You don’t want to save a few bucks and get that GDP clone at your local dispensary because it will likely end up being the Grand Daddy Green – with one purple bud, and the rest green weed. Spend the big bucks, get good seed from a breeder like DJ Short and grow yourself some fat purple bud sticks.

2. Lower your night time temps in your grow room if you are an indoor pot grower. If you are growing inside, turn your A/C down at night into the low 60′s this will result in significant purpling of the leaves and buds. If you are an outdoor grower, wait as long as possible to harvest your buds, the later you harvest the more color your plants will have. If you are in a greenhouse, let some fresh cool air in at night during the few weeks before harvest.

grow weed like this bud

Getting the most out of your medical marijuana

Top grade buds have always cost the same, $50-65/eighth in Colorado and California. So getting the most bang for your buck is always important. Here are my top tips for making your medicine more effective.

1. Store your buds in a resealable glass jar. Mason jars made by Ball or Kerr work great at keeping your nugs from drying out too much.

2.Change up your strains. Smoking the same strain for an extended period results in lost effectiveness. Getting a medical marijuana card is great because you can visit a dispensary and buy a new exotic strain every day.

3. Stop using your vaporizer. I know, this isn’t the healthiest option, however smoking results in a far higher combustion temperature and results in different cannabinoids being released than a vaporizer. Switching from a vaporizer to a pipe or bong will make your medicine have a much stronger effect.

4. Take a break. Smoking every day for months or years on end results in tolerance. Taking a few days off, or even just reducing the amount you use will result in getting far more baked.

cannabis weed marijuana

How to clean your bong

For many bud smokers, the discovery of the bong is an amazing experience. This simple device cools the smoke, filters it, and controls the burning resulting in an even smoke and a nice draw. However, all water pipes and bongs eventually need to be cleaned. We recommend keeping your Percolator Bongs as clean as possible so you get the best taste from your herb.

All you need is rubbing alcohol (91% is best), and salt. Optionally you can use some kind of brush, science supply places have brushes designed specifically to clean large graduated cylinders, and these work perfect for cleaning pipes too.

First pour about a quarter of the bottle of isopropyl/rubbing alcohol, then add a handful of salt. Swirl that around, and you will notice that the salt does not dissolve in the alcohol and acts as an abrasive.

Repeat this a few times, use your brush if needed, then rinse your pipe with cold water and dry it.

The more frequently you clean your glass piece, the easier it will be. About one time a week works is perfect.

glass bong hand blown

Is it too late to plant seeds outside?

Not yet! As long as you hurry and get your plants germinated and outdoors before the first week in July you should enjoy a plentiful harvest of giant buds come early September through October depending on what strain of pot you are growing. Of course the later you plant, the smaller your plants and therefore the smaller your yield on harvest day. Canadian bud growers, and others who live in an area with snowy winters and spring/fall frost need to watch the weather forecast and check your average local frost dates. Greenhouses allow you to extend the growing season and plant later, or even have more than one harvest per year.

Growing Weed – Where do I get seeds?

If you are a licensed medical marijuana patients, the best way to get seeds to start your indoor or outdoor garden is to mail order them. A guy named Greenman has been keeping his website updated for many years with a list of the most reputable seed companies. I suggest you only purchase pot strains from the reputable vendors on his list.

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